FIRE Rocket Challenge

Competition Season 2024 will be announced in late summer!!!

FIRE Rocket Challenge will host a "Student to Launch" event for DMV middle school students on 

May 20, 2023.

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Open to all middle school students in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas

 1st Place Division 1.0--The Rocketeers (Howard County NSBE Jr.)

1st Place Division 2.0--The Rockettes (FIRE Rockets/FIRE STEM)

Competition Season 2023 Final Results Announced!!!!

Six teams of three students faced off for a two-part final competition. Teams were challenged to design, build and launch a rocket carrying an egg-stronaut 550ft and return the egg back to Earth unbroken. View photos from the launch and oral presentation competitions.

Congratulations to the first-place winners in both divisions. The Rockettes and The Rocketeers have been awarded an opportunity to learn to fly an airplane with the Aviation Youth Mentoring Program. 


Rockets 1.0 Division

1st Place-- The Rocketeers

2nd Place-- Innovative Aces

3rd Place-- The Springers

4th Place-- Overcharged Rockets

Rockets 2.0 Division

1st Place-- The Rockettes

2nd Place-- The Eggsterminators

FIRE Rockets on Stage at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Annual Conference

Dreams launch here!

We are introducing middle and high school youth to the exciting world of STEM through aerospace principles, career options, model rocketry, and competition.

 Teams of Three Students

complete a variety of STEM design challenges, 

build and launch model rockets, 

 deliver a 10-minute oral presentation,

and take advantage of international competition opportunities.


The program provides students with opportunities to become problem-solvers, STEM proficient, and confident they have "the right stuff" to become leaders in the aerospace industry. Given our organization's longevity as a leader in preparing pre-college-aged students to pursue degrees and careers in STEM fields successfully, the rocket program is a "go for launch" with the intent of being a catalyst for developing the next generation of rocket scientists!  

A collaboration with the National Society of Black Engineers Aerospace Special Interest Group, the FIRE Rocket Challenge is positioned to roll out as a national program in Fall 2022! The long-term plan is to host the annual FIRE Rocket Challenge competition as part of the Pre-College Initiative activities during the NSBE Annual Convention. 

Scroll through the website to see how you can 

ignite and launch dreams and the future with the

 FIRE Rocket Challenge!

View the entire FIRE Rocket Challenge Competition Season 2022-23 Activities in Ten Minutes