FIRE Rocket Challenge

Competition Season 2024 Challenge!!!!

In teams of three, students will use the Estes Large Parts Bundle to design, build, and launch a rocket to carry an egg 550-600 ft and 

bring the egg safely back to Earth within 35-38 seconds.


Dreams launch here!

We are introducing middle and high school youth to the exciting world of STEM through aerospace principles, career options, model rocketry, and competition.

 Teams of Three Students

complete a variety of STEM design challenges, 

build and launch model rockets, 

 deliver a 10-minute oral presentation,

and take advantage of international competition opportunities.


The program provides students with opportunities to become problem-solvers, STEM proficient, and confident they have "the right stuff" to become leaders in the aerospace industry. Given our organization's longevity as a leader in preparing pre-college-aged students to pursue degrees and careers in STEM fields successfully, the rocket program is a "go for launch" with the intent of being a catalyst for developing the next generation of rocket scientists!