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Registration 2023 has closed!!!

In teams of three, students will use the Estes Large Parts Bundle to design, build, and launch a rocket to carry an egg 550-600 ft and 

bring the egg safely back to Earth within 35-38 seconds.

Registration for the FIRE Rocket Challenge includes:

Competition Fees

National Score Board Fees

Access to curriculum

Office Hours with mentors

Live Webinars and coaching sessions with mentors

Application for a team grant (restrictions apply)

Competition Finale and Recognition Awards

Fee Schedule for Registration Per Coach

1 Coach with 1-3 Teams          $75

1 Coach with 4-5 Teams           $100

1 Coach with 6+ Teams         $120 plus an additional $20 per team over 6

Data Collection Form

You can make a copy of this form. You will need this info for each student you add to the registration. 

**The "Parent" on the form is the name and info for the team's "Coach."

Estimated Materials Costs

Order directly from the vendors linked to the items

Items needed per team (3 students): Approximately $380 

4 Green Egg Rockets (recommended for practice)

1 Large Parts Assortment (required for final competition flight)

C11-3,  D12, and/or E12 motors

Launch Pad AND Controller

**Coaches with multiple teams and new to rocketry should consider the Green Egg Bundle as it includes 12 rockets, the launch equipment, and motors. $582

**The Green Egg Bulk Pack of 12 Rockets can be purchased if you do not need the launch equipment or motors.  $220

Due to supply chain issues, prices are subject to change without notice

Order directly from the vendors linked to the items



Helpful Tools You May Consider Purchasing

002227 – Tube Marking Guide


002228 – Ultimate™ Tube Marking Guide


44291 – Excel Deluxe Tool Set


002231 - Fin Alignment Guide

*Jolly Logic Altimeter One

*Jolly Logic Altimeter Two

*FireFly Altimeter

*Choose an altimeter that meets the needs of your team

Estes' Green Egg Bundle

Includes recommended rocket count for up to 3 teams

12 – Green Eggs Rockets

2 – C11-3 Engine Bulk Packs

2 – Lifetime Launch Systems

2 – Pro Series II Launch Controllers

2 – Pocket Labs