Competition Rules

Challenge Overview

Participants in teams of three are part of a group of engineers working for FIRE Rockets, which has been contracted to build a rocket that can deliver a payload to astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) and bring one astronaut (an egg) safely back to Earth.  The rocket must reach an altitude of 500-600 ft, return within 35-38 seconds, and contain a payload of one large hen’s egg during the final launch.


Pilot Year Promotional  Video

Teams of Three Students 

complete a variety of STEM design challenges, 

build and launch model rockets, 

 deliver a 10-minute oral presentation,

and maintain an Engineering Design Notebook.


A collaboration with the National Society of Black Engineers Aerospace Special Interest Group, the FIRE Rocket Challenge is positioned to roll out as a national program in Fall 2022! The long-term plan is to host the annual FIRE Rocket Challenge competition as part of the Pre-College Initiative activities during the NSBE Annual Convention.