Equipment Recommendations

All orders are made directly to the vendors linked to the items.

Items needed per team (3 students): Approximately $380 

4 Green Egg Rockets (recommended for practice)

1 Large Parts Assortment (required for final competition flight)

C11-3,  D12, and/or E12 motors

Launch Pad AND Controller

**Coaches with multiple teams and new to rocketry should consider the Green Egg Bundle as it includes 12 rockets, the launch equipment, and motors. $582

**The Green Egg Bulk Pack of 12 Rockets can be purchased if you do not need the launch equipment or motors.  $220

Due to supply chain issues, prices are subject to change without notice

Order directly from the vendors linked to the items



Helpful Tools You May Consider Purchasing

002227 – Tube Marking Guide


002228 – Ultimate™ Tube Marking Guide


44291 – Excel Deluxe Tool Set


002231 - Fin Alignment Guide

*Jolly Logic Altimeter One

*Jolly Logic Altimeter Two

*FireFly Altimeter

*Choose an altimeter that meets the needs of your team

Estes' Green Egg Bundle

Includes recommended rocket count for up to 3 teams

12 – Green Eggs Rockets

2 – C11-3 Engine Bulk Packs

2 – Lifetime Launch Systems

2 – Pro Series II Launch Controllers

2 – Pocket Labs